Excellent news. Now let's see this taken up by the EU courts as well if they are challenged on this. But my guess is that the advertising world would rather do this on a country-by-country basis rather than to risk losing in all of the EU at once.
I'd love if this became a EU-wide law. If you send the DNT header, then you can't get cookie consent alerts since you already do not consent being tracked.
Alternative reading: if mechanized expression of consent is now possible, then if you send a different header "Tracking-OK: True" all the cookie consent banners should now disappear.

It could be a great thing. 99%+ of all people would quickly learn to opt in to tracking to get rid of the annoying popups.

Why sacrifice privacy?

I have exactly zero popups / cookie banners, and I'm in France and a French citizen (and a GPDR supported). My browser and extensions rejects all requests for consent to be tracked automatically.

We can easily get Web browsers to do that for everyone (it takes about one minute to set up manually) so that everyone could have privacy while having a seamless browsing experience. This is easily doable with the current GDPR.

Now, why would you or anyone prefer to consent to tracking instead?

What browser and extensions do you recommend?
That is just an automatic opt-in to tracking, the opposite of what was asked for.
https://github.com/OhMyGuus/I-Still-Dont-Care-About-Cookies does reject non-technical cookies – as much as it can – but https://github.com/Cookie-AutoDelete/Cookie-AutoDelete will do the rest.